Cornerstone Church Mission, Vision, & Values


Loving God loving our community

Loving God:

with all our heart, mind, soul and strength because of His love for us.

Loving our community:

our church community, our local community our world because of the gospel, with the power of the gospel to the glory of God.

Vision :

A church of 300 people who are resting in the gospel, devoted to God, ministering to one another, serving their community, sharing the gospel and starting new churches.


1. The Gospel.

God has done for us what we could not do for ourselves.  He has given his people salvation from their sin through the life, death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus Christ.  All who receive and rest in Christ alone through faith receive the forgiveness of sins, are made children of God and inherit eternal life.

This is our one Core Value.  Everything we do flows from this.  We are called as members of Christ body to personalize, practice, and proclaim the gospel through loving God and loving those around us.

2. Six Distinctives

  • Word of God: as our final authority:  God’s Word, the Bible, is true.  By it we know what God has done for us in Christ, and how we are to love and live for God.  Reading and applying it must be a part of our everyday lives and worship.

  • Spiritual Growth: We desire that members of Cornerstone be growing in their knowledge of God and in their obedience to him.  This growth will produce acts of service, love and witness to the world.  As a result, numerical growth in Christ’s Church will take place as the gospel is lived and shared.

  • Caring Community: A Church that loves and cares for each other.  A church where leaders and members encourage, challenge, pray for and tend to each other’s spiritual health and physical needs. A church where authenticity rules in our relationships, worship and witness.

  • Family: Our children are members of Cornerstone.  We encourage their spiritual growth and participation in worship as we do our own.  We will devote energy and resources to see that ministries and outreach are inviting and inclusive of parents and children.

  • Community Service: We long to be a church that loves the community where God has placed us, because of God’s love for us.  A church ‘for’ the community not simply ‘in’ the community.

  • Church Planting:  We see church planting as the means by which Cornerstone will grow and expand its outreach into this community.